Date of Birth: ? 2009

SD Dollar X SD Son of Woolly Mammoth       

Whistler was born and bred by the Down family in England. The
Downs are true Romany Gypsy people and have been breeding
proper cobs for generations. Whistler is another fine example of
the Down's top-notch breeding program. Whistler has a
nice, stout build, short back, good bone,  and mega feather. He has
more feather than some of the big-name stallions. Whistler is a
true blue roan. His coat is light blue in the summer and dark in the
summer. Whistler is a top-notch colt - he is really going to be
stunning when he is full grown. He would make a beautiful show
horse, flashy ride or driving horse, and just plain good friend.

DNA Color Testing:
Black/Red: EE
Agouti: aa
Roan: n/Rn (1 roan gene)
Cream, Gray, Sabino1: all negative
Bandera Gypsy Ranch