Date of Birth: March 2013

Siobhan X Tiger Moth

Registration: GHRA A00001499

Raglan Road is a stunning bay and white colt with 1 bright blue eye and
one mixed eye. Both parents are fairytale gypsy horses. Ragland has
spent several months with professional show trainers. He was shown
at the 2013 Belton Feathered Horse classic where he received second
place in his halter age group.  Ragland's Sire was also shown, and was
first in multiple classes. His dam received 2nd and 3rd in her classes.   
Ragland will excel as either a show or family horse.  This is a very
well-bred colt and is cute as a button to boot.

Red/Black: EE
Agouti: Aa
Sabino1: nn
Cream: nn
Tobiano: nT
Bandera Gypsy Ranch