Bandera Gypsy Ranch is a small gypsy horse breeding ranch with both family and show horses

We raise high-quality Gypsy horses with outstanding looks and gentle, loving temperaments.  
Our goal is to breed horses with personality, color, conformation, and hair. To us, the true value
of this breed is their incredible disposition.  Without that, none of the other things matter. As for
color, our focus is not on the color itself, but quantity of color (ie more color than white). This is
just a personal preference, but it is an objective in our breeding program.  Equally important is
conformation. We want our horses to have a correct medium to heavy draft-type build.  The
hair is just icing on the cake - gypsy horses should have at least medium feathering and a
double mane and tail.    

Gypsy horses are intelligent, mischievous, loving, and gentle creatures with a keen sense of
humor! To win the heart of a gypsy horse is priceless.   We hope you become as enchanted
with this remarkable breed as we have! The gypsy is truly a dream horse and we'd like to share
that dream with you.

Thank you for taking the time to visit our website.

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8 June 2019
Bandera Gypsy
Show and Family