Date of Birth: ? 2008

SD Maggie X Woolly Mammoth       

Cotton is a son of SD Farm's beautiful stallion, Woolly Mammoth
and their phenomenal blue roan mare SD Maggie. Cotton has the
proper gypsy cob build - nice head, short back, apple rump, good
bone, and hair to spare.  His head is absolutely beautiful - one of
the prettiest I have seen. Cotton is a true blue roan. He is still
maturing, and still has some filling out to do. He fancies himself to
be quite the ladies' man and the mares agree - they all just love
him and follow him all around the pasture.

Cotton is currently owned by my good friend Lyn Jenkins in
Winona, TX

DNA Color Testing:
Black/Red: Ee
Agouti: aa
Roan: n/Rn (1 Roan gene)
Cream, Gray, Sabino1: all negative
Bandera Gypsy Ranch