Date of Birth: ? 2005
Sex:  Gelding
Color:  Black Blagdon (Apron face, stockings, and white on belly)
Sire:  Cochise (UK Gypsy Horse)
Dam:  Blue (Black Forest Shires Import)

Red Factor: EE (Homozygous Black)
Lethal White Overo: nn

Bold O'Donahue is a handsome black blagdon gelding born in 2005. O'Donahue
is  a people oriented guy, he just loves to be scratched. He makes a
purring/cooing sound that is absolutely adorable.  He is a gorgeous deep
brown. Not sure if he will eventually turn black. He has lots and lots of feather.
His forelock is a little short, as O'Donahue cut his forehead and had to have his
forelock trimmed. He does have a very small scar which is covered by his
forelock. Would make an outstanding ride or drive gelding. O'Donahue loves
attention and tries his best to do whatever it is you ask of him.

Me and my beautiful Mom
Bandera Bold O'Donahue - Musical Slideshow
Bandera Gypsy Ranch