Date of Birth: 05-18-09
Sex:  Stallion
Color:   Buckskin
Height: 15h

Sire:  Falcon  (Buckskin)
Dam: Bandera Dexy's Midnight Runner

Tiger Moth was the result of a very long and somewhat risky gamble. There are many
gypsy breeders out there with unlimited funds at their disposal, but (alas!) I am not
one of them!  I put a lot on the line for this boy, and I know I am very fortunate it all
worked out as it did. I fell in love with Falcon, Tiger Moth's sire, after receiving a
picture of him in an email. Falcon is a breathtakingly beautiful solid buckskin stallion
with profuse black feathering.  At the time, Falcon was owned by Irish Tinker Stables
in the Netherlands.  His frozen semen was only available to one farm in the U.S. and
they weren't sharing.  Thus it seemed the only way for me to get a foal by Falcon was
to buy a mare in Europe and have her sent to Falcon's stable. So that is exactly what I
did. I purchased Dexy, Tiger Moth's dam, from Sherry Evertson of Lazy River Gypsy
Horses in Oregon. As I wanted a solid (vice tobiano) foal, Dexy fit the bill perfectly. At
the time, Dexy was still in England. I had Dexy transported to the Netherlands for a
romantic encounter with Falcon, and 11 months later, Tiger Moth was the result.  I
could not be more pleased with this boy.

Tiger Moth pretty much has it all - outstanding conformation, beauty, and
temperament. He has a stout build, deep body, great bone, and hair to spare. He is
gentle, friendly and sweet. Tiger Moth is a beautiful golden color and may have
inherited his dad's 'sooty' gene.  He has smudging around his eyes and several dark
patches on his body. His 2 front legs will have black feather and his 2 hinds will have
white feather.

Tiger Moth is literally a dream come true, and I thank Sherry Evertson of Lazy River
Gypsies, Ellen of Irish Tinker Stables, and all the well-wishers that helped make this

DNA Tested:
Red Factor: Ee
Agouti:  Aa
Tobiano:  nn
Cream:    nCr
Bandera Gypsy Ranch