Date of Birth: Aug 17, 2006

Color:  Chestnut
DNA Tested:
Red Factor: ee

DAM:  Bandera Highland Evening         

Pubcrawler was born here on my ranch and he has been a lovebug
since the day he was born. He is maturing into quite the young
stallion. He has outstanding conformation, one of the nicest heads
I've seen, small ears, thick mane and tail, and profuse feathering.
His mane is starting to lighten up, so he will be soon be more
striking than he already is.  He is sweet, intelligent, and laid-back.
Pub is another one of those gypsy stallions that acts more like a
30-year old gelding than a young stallion. He is well-mannered and
respectful with the mares, and is a proud parent of his first foal,
Waxy's Dargle.  Traditionally, solid stallions have been used to add
back more color to tobiano foals.  As red is a recessive color, and
solid is recessive to tobiano, Pub's foals can be either red or
black-based, and either solid or tobiano, depending on the mare he
is bred to. So far, this has worked out exactly as I had hoped. Pub
has sired 3 foals so far, all black and white  with more black than
white. Pub's sire is the immortal Nobby. This is truly a top-quality
gypsy horse.  The only flaw I see in this guy is that he is on the
small side (about 13.1h).