Date of Birth: 26 June 2010

Layla Rose X Pubcrawler

Registration: (not as yet registered, but both parents registered GVHS)

Johnny O'Dreamy is a beautiful black and white gelding with an
impressive pedigree. His dam is a daughter of Lion King crossed with
the famous 'Rose' line. His sire is a son of Nobby. O'Dreamy has a nice
stout proper cob build and heavy, thick feather.  Outgoing, confident,
friendly, and willing personality. This boy is an outstanding colt and,
given my disdain for hype, that is not something I say lightly!

Color genetics (not tested but inferred from parents who have been
Red Factor - Ee  (one parent Ee and the other ee)
Tobiano: nT  (one parent TT and the other nn)
Bandera Gypsy Ranch