Date of Birth: May 2009

SD Simply the Best X SD The Woolly Mammoth       

Fuzzy is an incredibly heavy bay son of the Woolly Mammoth. I
first saw him while visiting SD Farms in England. Fuzzy was in a
field with 30 or so other top-notch youngsters, but was easily the
heaviest colt in the group. His filly friend DiSaranno was the
heaviest filly. Fuzzy instantly won my heart. You can't look at
Fuzzy without a big grin taking over your face - there is just
something about him. He beams with good cheer. The Downs feel
Fuzzy could be the next Woolly Mammoth - I can't wait to watch
him mature - this is really a superb youngster.

DNA Color Testing:
Red/Black: EE
Agouti: Aa
Bandera Gypsy Ranch
SD The Woolly Mammoth - Fuzzy's Legendary Sire
SD Simply The Best - Fuzzy's Phenomenal Mom!